Regenerative Architecture

In collaboration with Andreas Frej, we created this project on my 7. semester.

The projects base is in Aarhus, near the festival place which Northside inhabits once a year.
The accomodations are for students only, partly because of the lag of student housing in Aarhus and also because of the close location to the venue of Northside festival.
The building focuses on the surroundings, to bring nature and city together, but still give a special atmosphere with the large greenhouses, that makes it posible to go "outside" during winter and enjoy the nature.

Because we wanted it to be a building with some degree of interest in social bonding, all the houses are connected between each other and its posible to move inside from one to another.
This also creates some different views down through the building which gives the users the feeling of wanting to walk back and forth inside the building.
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