Growing Pavilion

During a case study I analyzed a competition entry for a new national library in Prague.
The building is based on the national tree of the Czech Republic, the lipa or lime tree.

It consists of a main building, the trunk and 2 cantilevered volumes on each side. The cantilevered volumes are supported by 5 large frames which is connected to the main building.
The load vectors are articulated as a branching system, that gradually grows thinner towards the edges. The selfsimilar character of the branching system enables a simuntaneously differentiated yet rationalised tectonic that deploys a range of profile families for the structure of the scheme.

The logic of a growing tectonic structure was recreated in a Grasshopper and Hoopsnake definition that would make it posible to grow a tree on a surface and create a similar expression on a facade as the library.
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